• faculty

  • Doug Barrick

    Thomas C. Jenkins Professor in Biophysics and Chair

    PhD, Stanford University
    • 410-516-0409
    • 216 Jenkins Hall
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests:  Statistical thermodynamics in biological systems; stability and folding of modular proteins, relations between amino acid sequence, consensus, and evolution; physical chemistry, structure, and function in Notch signaling.
  • Gregory Bowman


    PhD, Princeton University
  • Brian Camley

    Assistant Professor

    PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara
    • 410-516-7683
    • Bloomberg 243
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests: Cell motility, chemotaxis, collective motion, soft matter, and fluid mechanics in cell biology
  • Karen Fleming


    PhD, Georgetown University
    • 410-516-7256
    • 416 Jenkins Hall
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests: Membrane proteins, protein sorting, chaperone function, protein folding, thermodynamics of protein-protein interactions in membranes, membrane protein modeling
  • Bertrand García-Moreno

    Professor; KSAS Vice Dean for Natural Sciences

    PhD, Indiana University
    • 410-516-4497
    • 002 Jenkins Hall
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests: Experimental and computational studies of protein electrostatics, structure-based energy calculations, ligand-driven conformational transitions
  • Taekjip Ha

    Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

    PhD, University of California at Berkeley
  • Margaret Johnson

    Assistant Professor

    PhD, UC Berkeley
    • 410-516-2376
    • 121C Mergenthaler
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests: Self-assembly and self-organization in cell biology. Clathrin-mediated endocytosis. Statistical mechanics, modeling dynamical systems.
  • Juliette Lecomte


    PhD, Carnegie-Mellon University
  • Sua Myong

    Associate Professor

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
    • 410-516-5122
    • 168 Mergenthaler Hall
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests: Quantitative analysis of gene expression in single molecule and single cell
  • Sarah Woodson

    T.C. Jenkins Professor

    PhD, Yale University
  • staff

  • Jessica Appel

    Jessica Appel

    Administrative Manager

  • Siddeeqah Fichman

    Siddeeqah Fichman

    Administrative Coordinator

  • Nancy Foltz

    Grants and Contracts Analyst

  • Nicole Goode

    Nicole Goode

    Graduate Program Coordinator

  • Chris Harris

    Chris Harris

    Budget Analyst

  • Ken Rutledge

    Ken Rutledge

    Sr. Systems Engineer

  • Katie Tripp

    Technical Facilities Manager, Center for Molecular Biophysics

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
  • professors emeriti

  • Richard Cone

    Professor Emeritus

    PhD, University of Chicago
  • George D. Rose

    Krieger-Eisenhower Professor Emeritus, JHU Academy Professor, and Research Professor

    PhD, Oregon State University
    • 410-516-7244
    • 202 Jenkins Hall
    • Research Interests: Theoretical approaches to protein folding
  • Affiliated Faculty

  • Ana Damjanovic

    Assistant Research Professor

    PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Christopher Falzone

    Christopher Falzone

    Teaching Professor, Department of Chemistry

    PhD, Clarkson University
  • Ernesto Freire

    Henry Walters Professor, Department of Biology

    PhD, University of Virginia
    • 410-516-7743 | Lab 410-516-7742
    • 114A Biology East
    • Research Interests: Structure-based thermodynamics of molecular recognition and function
  • Vincent Hilser

    Professor and Chair, Department of Biology

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
    • 410-516-6072 | Lab 410-516-6757
    • 117A Biology East
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests: Protein conformational fluctuations and their role in function, adaptation and disease
  • Christian Kaiser

    Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

    PhD, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry
    • 410-516-4486
    • 205 Biology East
    • Research Interests: Single-molecule biochemistry studies of the machines and processes in protein translation, translocation, and folding
  • Evangelos Moudrianakis

    Professor, Department of Biology

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
    • 410-516-7305 | Lab 410-516-7303
    • 130A Levi
    • Research Interests: Assembly and dynamics of nucleoproteins and chromosomes; bacterial and chloroplast bioenergetics
  • Robert Schleif

    Professor, Department of Biology

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
    • 410-516-5206 | Lab 410-516-5207
    • 239 Mudd Hall
    • Research Interests: Protein-DNA interactions and regulation of gene activity
  • Alexandra Tan

    Alexandra Tan

    Program Director, Post-Baccalaureate Health Science Intensive Program, AAP
    Director, Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
  • Craig Townsend

    Alsoph H. Corwin Professor, Department of Chemistry

    PhD, Yale University
  • lecturers & teaching faculty

  • Ana Damjanovic

    Assistant Research Professor

    PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Carolyn Fitch

    Carolyn Fitch

    Senior Lecturer

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
  • Patrick Fleming

    Senior Lecturer

    PhD, University of Michigan
    • 410-516-7520
    • UTL G85
    • Research Interests: Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
  • Maria Procopio

    Maria Procopio


    PhD, University of Bologna
    • 410-516-7245
    • Greenhouse
    • Research Interests: magnetoreception, quantum effects in biology
  • Jaime Sorenson

    Jaime Sorenson


    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
  • postdoctoral fellows & research scientists

  • Aakash Basu

    Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Peggy Billingsley

    Assistant Research Scientist

  • Yumeng Hao

    Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Myung Hyun Jo

    Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Eric Johnson

    Associate Research Scientist

  • Hye Ran Koh

    Assistant Research Scientist

  • Hui-Ting Lee

    Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Jongchan Lee

    Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Tom Moench

    Adjunct Research Scientist

  • Dariush Mohammadyani

    Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Ilana Nodelman

    Associate Research Scientist

  • Subrata Panja

    Associate Research Scientist

  • Matthew Poyton

    Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Sewwandi Rathnayake

    Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Aaron Robinson

    Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Jaya Sarkar

    Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Indra Sharma

    Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Ramreddy Tippana

    Postdoctoral Fellow

  • research & visiting faculty

  • Krastan Blagoev

    Krastan Blagoev

    Director, Physics of Living Systems Program, National Science Foundation

  • Evgenia Nikolova

    Evgenia Nikolova

    Assistant Research Scientist

  • Jamie Schlessman

    Jamie Schlessman

    Professor, United States Naval Academy

    PhD, California Institute of Technology
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