The biophysics undergraduate program includes:

  • Required courses in biology, chemistry, and physics
  • Upper-level courses in biophysics
  • Three elective courses in the sciences
  • Independent laboratory research in biophysics

Major Requirements

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AS.030.101Introductory Chemistry I
& AS.030.105and Introductory Chemistry Laboratory I
AS.030.102Introductory Chemistry II
& AS.030.106and Introductory Chemistry Laboratory II
or AS.030.103Applied Chemical Equilibrium and Reactivity w/lab
AS.030.205Introductory Organic Chemistry I
AS.030.206Organic Chemistry II
or AS.030.212Honors Organic Chemistry II with Applications in Biological and Materials Chemistry
AS.171.101General Physics:Physical Science Major I
or AS.171.103General Physics I for Biological Science Majors
or AS.171.105Classical Mechanics I
or AS.171.107General Physics for Physical Sciences Majors (AL)
AS.173.111General Physics Laboratory I
or AS.173.115Classical Mechanics Laboratory
AS.171.102General Physics: Physical Science Major II
or AS.171.104General Physics/Biology Majors II
or AS.171.106Electricity and Magnetism I
or AS.171.108General Physics for Physical Science Majors (AL)
AS.173.112General Physics Laboratory II
or AS.173.116Electricity and Magnetism Laboratory
AS.110.108Calculus I
AS.110.109Calculus II (For Physical Sciences and Engineering)
or AS.110.113Honors Single Variable Calculus
AS.110.202Calculus III
or AS.110.211Honors Multivariable Calculus
AS.250.205Introduction to Computing
AS.250.315Biochemistry I
AS.250.372Biophysical Chemistry
AS.250.381Spectroscopy and Its Application in Biophysical Reactions
AS.250.383Molecular Biophysics Laboratory (Writing Intensive)
Research (6 credits required)
AS.250.520Introduction to Biophysics Research
or AS.250.521Research in Biophysics
Major Electives
Three Courses from List #1
Three Courses from List #2
One Course from the Advanced Seminar