The biophysics undergraduate program includes:

  • Required courses in biology, chemistry, and physics
  • Upper-level courses in biophysics
  • Three elective courses in the sciences
  • Independent laboratory research in biophysics

Major Requirements

Students who entered Johns Hopkins in the current academic year should refer to the current Academic Catalog for a current list of major requirements. Students who entered Johns Hopkins University in a previous academic year should refer to the catalog of that academic year.

Chemistry Requirements

Course #Course Name
AS.030.101Introductory Chemistry I
AS.030.105Introductory Chemistry Laboratory I
AS.030.102Introductory Chemistry II
& AS.030.106and Introductory Chemistry Laboratory II
or AS.030.103Applied Chemical Equilibrium and Reactivity w/lab
AS.030.205Introductory Organic Chemistry I
AS.030.206Organic Chemistry II
or AS.030.212Honors Organic Chemistry II with Applications in Biological and Materials Chemistry

Physics Requirements

Course #Course Name
AS.171.101 or AS.171.103General Physics:Physical Science Major I or General Physics I for Biological Science Majors
or AS.171.103General Physics I for Biological Science Majors
or AS.171.105Classical Mechanics I
or AS.171.107General Physics for Physical Sciences Majors (AL)
AS.173.111General Physics Laboratory I
or AS.173.115Classical Mechanics Laboratory
AS.171.102General Physics: Physical Science Major II
or AS.171.104General Physics/Biology Majors II
or AS.171.106Electricity and Magnetism I
or AS.171.108General Physics for Physical Science Majors (AL)
AS.173.112General Physics Laboratory II
or AS.173.116Electricity and Magnetism Laboratory

Mathematics Requirements

Course #Course Name
AS.110.108Calculus I
AS.110.109 or AS.110.113Calculus II (For Physical Sciences and Engineering) or Honors Single Variable Calculus
AS.110.202 pr AS.110.211Calculus III or Honors Multivariable Calculus

Biophysics Requirements

Course #Biophysics Courses
AS.250.205Introduction to Computing
AS.250.315Biochemistry I
AS.250.372Biophysical Chemistry
AS.250.381Spectroscopy and Its Application in Biophysical Reactions
AS.250.383Molecular Biophysics Laboratory (Writing Intensive)

Research Requirements (6 credits required)

Course #Course name
AS.250.520Introduction to Biophysics Research

Major Electives

  • Three courses from list #1
  • Three courses from list #2
  • One course from the advanced seminar