Evgenia Nikolova

Evgenia Nikolova

Assistant Research Professor

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Dr. Evgenia Nikolova obtained her undergraduate degree from Lafayette College and completed her graduate studies with Professor Hashim Al-Hashimi at the University of Michigan. At the Al-Hashimi lab, she investigated the structure and dynamics of nucleic acids using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and computational approaches and discovered the presence of alternative transient base pairs in DNA duplexes.

Evgenia continued her postdoctoral training with Professor Peter Wright at the Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla), where she studied the DNA binding properties of zinc finger transcriptional factors using NMR, crystallography, and biochemistry to elucidate how they discriminate between specific and methylated nucleotide sequences. In 2017, she joined the Biophysics Department at Johns Hopkins and has since been pursuing research into how regulatory proteins interact with chromatin and change its structure and dynamics.

Evgenia is broadly interested in studying the structure and dynamics of nucleic acids and their protein complexes and how those relate to biological function. Research in her lab is currently focused on looking at the interaction of nucleosomes (basic units of chromatin packaging) with regulatory proteins named “pioneer factors”. These are transcription factors that have the unique ability to engage their DNA target sites in highly condensed and transcriptionally silent regions of chromatin and, with the help of other proteins, locally open chromatin and activate gene expression. Pioneer factors play critical roles in development and differentiation, yet it remains unclear at the molecular level how they find their binding sites and change the structure and transcriptional state of chromatin. Evgenia's lab is trying to address these gaps in mechanistic knowledge by using a spectrum of biochemical and biophysical experiments as well as by developing novel technologies.

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