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Biophysics Undergraduate Chloe Pacyna named to 2018 Marshall Scholars

Chloe Pacyna is one of two Johns Hopkins University seniors heading to the UK to complete graduate studies after being named Marshall Scholars. Marshall Scholarships finance young Americans of high ability to study for a degree in the United Kingdom. Up to forty Scholars are selected each year to study at graduate level at an UK […]

Biophysics Undergraduate Melissa Mai to earn Astronaut Scholarship

Two Johns Hopkins undergraduate students, Vinay Ayyappan and Melissa Mai, are among 50 individuals from 36 U.S. universities to earn Astronaut Scholarships in recognition of their academic merit and promise in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Read more in The Hub.

Prof. Doug Barrick recently published “Biomolecular Thermodynamics: From Theory to Application”

Prof. Barrick’s book provides a comprehensive, contemporary introduction to developing a quantitative understanding of how biological macromolecules behave using classical and statistical thermodynamics. Dr. Barrick focuses on practical skills needed to apply the underlying equations in real life examples. The text develops mechanistic models, showing how they connect to thermodynamic observables, presenting simulations of thermodynamic […]

Bertrand Garcia-Moreno, Sua Myong, and Taekjip Ha among the Johns Hopkins Discovery Awards: 2017 Awardees

In 2017, 23 Category 1 Discovery Awards and 3 Category 2 Discovery Awards were given to interdisciplinary faculty teams across nine Johns Hopkins divisions. From investigating the use of advanced hydrogels in post-stroke rehabilitation to filming the first documentary about women conductors to determining whether metadata from mobile phones can be used to monitor demographic trends—such as […]

Prof. Karen Fleming Wins 2016 Thomas E. Thompson Award

Karen Fleming, professor in the Department of Biophysics, is the recipient of the 2016 Thomas E. Thompson Award from the Biophysical Society for her contribution in the field of membrane structure and assembly.

Biophysics Major Named NSF Graduate Research Fellow

The National Science Foundation has selected 2,000 Graduate Research Fellows from across the country, including 18 current Johns Hopkins University students. Shawn Costello is a senior graduating with a degree in biophysics. Shawn’s research, performed in Karen Fleming’s laboratory, has focused on the kinetics of bacterial outer membrane protein biogenesis. In the fall Shawn will begin a PhD in biophysics at the University of California, Berkeley.

Amazing Spider Silk: Super-Elastic Proteins Key to Spider Web’s Stretchiness

spider web

Biophysicists at Johns Hopkins University have discovered one of the keys to the super-elasticity of spiders’ webs, finding that proteins in the silk used to make the webs act like supersprings and can stretch to five times their initial length. Read the article on The Hub.