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Apply for Jcard Access

Faculty, staff, or students who require JCard Access to Jenkins 122 (Jenkins Hall Computer Lab), Jenkins Loading Dock, Mergenthaler 121 (Computational Space), Mergenthaler 166 (Myong/Ha Lab), Mergenthaler 070 (Center for Molecular Biophysics), Mergenthaler 070M (TIRF1), or Mergenthaler 070P (Control Room) must email Liz Wilson ( for Jcard access. Please include your full name, JHED ID, email address, the room to which you’re requesting JCard access, your JCard number, and your affiliation with Biophysics.

Make sure that you state the reason for which you need access to these facilities. If this is for a course, please include course name and number. If for lab, please include your PI’s name.

Poster Printing and Ordering

Graduate Students and Faculty who require poster printing have two options – the Fed Ex located at 3003 N. Charles Street/410-467-2454 or the Digital Media Center on the Homewood Campus – If you have questions, please contact Liz Wilson at or 410-516-7245.

Lab Ordering

Labs that need to order supplies should email Liz Wilson with the following information:

  • Name 
  • Email Address 
  • Lab
  • Room Number
  • Vendor 
  • and for each item you need:
    • item name
    • quantity
    • part number
    • budget information
    • link
    • detailed business/research purpose

Autoclave Scheduling

This autoclave schedule will help labs make efficient use of their time, avoid finding it in use, and better plan autoclaving in their workflow. This sign-up schedule will also allow us to monitor usage.