Martin G. Larrabee Award

This award, established in honor of Martin G. Larrabee, professor of biophysics, is open to seniors for outstanding undergraduate research in biophysics. The role of the Larrabee Award is to honor examples of good writing about good science.

Superb science poorly presented will not receive the award nor will superb writing about poor science. Those wishing to be considered must announce their candidacy to the director of undergraduate studies (DUS) and must submit a written paper describing their research using the guidelines detailed in the honors papers guidelines.

Ete Z. Szüts Undergraduate Research Travel Award

This award, named in honor of a PhD graduate student from this department, will provide funds for up to 80% of the transportation costs of undergraduate research students in biophysics to attend a scholarly meeting. A member of the Biophysics Department faculty who will be at the same meeting must sponsor recipients.

Honors in Biophysics

To be eligible for departmental honors at graduation, biophysics majors must achieve an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher. In addition, a paper based on their mandatory 6 lab research credits must be submitted and be acceptable to the student’s research supervisor and research sponsor.

To qualify, students must complete the honors checklist for biophysics and have it approved by their faculty adviser and the DUS coordinator by late March. Specific dates will be sent to graduating seniors in February of each year.