Adip Jhaveri

I've become most fascinated with how proteins interact with their network of partners and assemble into functional machinery with precise spatial and temporal organization.

Derin Tanrioven

I completed my undergraduate degree at Hopkins as well in Molecular & Cellular Biology, so I have lived in Baltimore for quite some time now! When I’m not in the lab, I am often hunting down movie revivals at my local theater or catching an Orioles game with friends!

Indrajit Badvaram

As a theorist, I am excited to be in the field of biophysics, as it provides a rich supply of experimental phenomena that benefit from a rigorous application of quantitative frameworks.

Iryna Chelepis

Since I was first introduced to biology in middle school, I have been captivated by the subject. The intricate and delicate interactions between the molecules that maintain the metastable balance of life are truly fascinating to me.

Lucas Shen

I’m a researcher who loves theory, because I believe that is where the accountability of biophysical research is found.

Richard Yang

I use polymer theory and coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations to understand the physical principles of phase separating biomolecular condensates.