Matthew Chang

Matthew Chang

Class Of 2023

I am a graduating senior from Winter Springs, Florida. When on campus, chances are I would be in FFC, the baseball field, or Brody B-level. My favorite biophysics memory was the Biophysics Autumn Mixer that took place on Gilman Quad. Here, I was able to catch up with a lot of my biophysics friends and was able to get a cool tye-dye shirt out of it!

Out of all of the biophysics classes, my favorite was probably Biological Physics with Dr. Serra. While it was incredibly challenging learning about Brownian motion and low-Reynolds number hydrodynamics, Dr. Serra was so sweet and willing to provide whatever help I needed to understand the material. I also enjoyed how everything we had learned from the first half of the semester was tied back together at the end of the class with several biologically relevant examples.

I joined Sua Myong’s lab during the summer of my sophomore year, where I was able to research the nucleation of FUS aggregates using single molecule techniques. The Myong Lab was one of the highlights of my Hopkins career because it was my first wet lab experience and I cannot thank everyone in the lab enough for making it such a memorable experience. Sua was an amazing PI, as I could turn to her for guidance on anything, academic or not! Additionally, everyone in the lab was so open to helping me learn my way around the lab, especially my mentor Nathalie Djaja. From pipetting to running a western blot, and everything else in between, she taught me all of the lab techniques I know.

My plans after graduation include pursuing medical school after two gap years and exploring the rest of Baltimore. In the meantime, I will be starting a job as a clinical research coordinator in the Division of Hematology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.