The prominent and respected positions held by our graduates indicate the quality of our program. The following is a partial listing of those who have obtained doctorates from our program:

Members of the National Academy of Sciences

NameGraduation YearEmployment
Dr. John Abelson1965California Institute of Technology (Chemistry)
Dr. Lloyd Beidler1951Florida State University (Biology)
Dr. Paul Greengard1953Rockefeller University (Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, joint 2000 Nobel Prize winner Physiology or Medicine)
Dr. Wayne Hendrickson1968Columbia University (Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics)
Dr. Thomas J. Kelly1968Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Chair of Molec. Biol. & Genetics)

Department Chairs and Directors

NameGraduation DateEmployment
Dr. Floyd J. Brinley1961Director of Convulsive, Developmental & Neurological Disorders, NINDS, NIH
Dr. Mark Dubin1969Chair of Molecular, Cellular & Dev. Biology, University of Colorado
Dr. William Dobelle1967*Founding Fellow of the Dobelle Institute, New York, NY
Dr. P. Horowicz1955 (deceased)Chair of Physiology, University of Rochester Medical Center
Dr. Eaton E. Lattman1969Chair of Biophysics, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. George Cloyd Murray1968Director of National Institute of Neurological and Communicative Diseases, NIH
Dr. G. Christian Overton1978 (deceased)Founding Director of the Center for Bioinformatics at the University of  Pennsylvania 
Dr. Judith Sandberg1965Director of Clinical Bacteriology, Laboratory Hospital, Madrid, Spain

Faculty or Senior Staff Positions

NameGraduation YearEmployment
Dr. Jay M. Baltz1986University of Ottawa (Loeb Research Institute)
Dr. Robert M. Benolken1959 (deceased)University of Texas (Cell Physiology)
Dr. Paul Blank1987National Institutes of Health (Lab. of Theoretical & Physical Biology, NICHD)
Dr. Frederick Blattner1968University of Wisconsin (Genetics)
Dr. Robert Bonner1973National Institutes of Health (NICHHD)
Dr. Floyd J. Brinley1961NINDS, NIH (Biophysics)
Dr. Elizabeth R. Boskey1999SUNY Downstate Medical Center (Preventive Medicine and Community Health)
Dr. Marianne Bronner1979California Institute of Technology (Biology)
Dr. David R. Burt1973University of Maryland School of Medicine (Pharmacology)
Dr. Richard Cardullo1985University of California at Riverside (Biology)
Dr. Richard Chappell1970Hunter College, CUNY (Biology)
Dr. Henry L. Chen1968*Towson State University (Physics)
Dr. Michael Cole1978Princeton University (Molecular Biology)
Dr. Kevin Conway1981American University (Biology)
Dr. Carl Creutz1976University of Virginia School of Medicine (Pharmacology)
Dr. Nigel Daw1967Yale University Medical School (Ophthalmology / Neurobiology)
Dr. John Desjarlais1993Pennsylvania State University (Chemistry)
Dr. Peter Devreotes1976Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Biological Chemistry)
Dr. Stephen Easter1967University of Michigan (Biology)
Dr. Charles Edwards1953SUNY-Albany (Biophysics)
Dr. Harold Erickson1968Duke University Medical Center (Cell Biology)
Dr. Gordon Fain1973University of California at Los Angeles Medical Center (Ophthalmology)
Dr. Max Fiskin1966University of Kansas Medical Center School of Medicine (Microbiology)
Dr. Richard Fitzhugh1953NIH (Biophysics)
Dr. Allan Fraser1970Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Dr. Scott Fraser1979California Institute of Technology (Biology)
Dr. Stephen A. George1970Amherst College (Neuroscience)
Dr. William Grizzle1975University of Alabama School of Medicine (Pathology)
Dr. Robert Gross1974Dartmouth College (Biology)
Dr. Martin Grumet1980New York University Medical Center (Pharmacology)
Dr. Soshana Hardt1980**State University of New York at Buffalo (Computer Science)
Dr. A. Gayler Harford1971State University of New York at Buffalo (Biology)
Dr. Donald T. Haynie1993Louisiana Tech University (Bioinformatics)
Dr. Thomas J. Herbert1971University of Miami (Biology)
Dr. Jon R. Herriott1967University of Washington (Biochemistry)
Dr. Peter Highton1964University of Edinburgh, Scotland (Molecular Biology)
Dr. Andy Hoffer1975University of Alberta, Canada (Physiology)
Dr. Paul Hurlburt1955Rockefeller University (Biophysics)
Dr. Janice Jones1970Georgetown University (Physiology)
Dr. Zaven Kaprelian1988Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Neuroscience)
Dr. Paul Kienker1989Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Neuroscience)
Dr. Juan I. Korenbrot1971University of California at San Francisco (Physiology & Biochemistry)
Dr. Henry M. Krisch1972University of Geneva, Switzerland (Molecular Biology)
Dr. Michael Kuhar1970National Institutes of Health (Neuroscience Branch, NIDA Addiction Res. Ctr.)
Dr. Andrew Lees1984National Institutes of Health (Lab. of Immunology, NIAID)
Dr. P. Galen Lenhert1960Vanderbilt University (Physics)
Dr. Donal Luse1978University of Cincinnati (Biological Chemistry)
Dr. Karen Magnus1980Case Western Reserve School of Medicine (Biochemistry)
Dr. Richard Marchase1977University of Alabama School of Medicine (Cell Biology)
Dr. William B. Marks1963National Institute of Health (Lab. of Neural Control, NINDS)
Dr. E.F. MacNichol1952Boston University School of Medicine (Physiology)
Dr. Jay Mittenthal1970University of Illinois School of Medicine (Anatomy)
Dr. E.N. Moudrianakis1964**Johns Hopkins University (Biology)
Dr. Ralph Nelson1972National Institutes of Health (Lab. of Neurophysiology, NINDS)
Dr. Donald S. O'Hara1968 (deceased)Massachusetts General Hospital (Physical Biochemistry)
Dr. Eduardo Padlan1968National Institutes of Health (Lab. of Molecular Biology, NIDDK)
Dr. Lester Partlow1969University of Utah College of Medicine (Pharmacology)
Dr. Herbert M. Phillips1969University of Texas at Arlington (Biology)
Dr. Moo-Ming Poo1974**University of CA at San Diego (Biology)
Dr. Ning Qian1990Columbia University (Center for Neurobiology)
Dr. J.P. Raynauld1969University of Montreal (Physiology)
Dr. W.E. Royer Jr.1984University of Massachusetts Medical Center (Molecular Medicine)
Dr. Madeline Shea1983University of Iowa College of Medicine (Biochemistry)
Dr. Alvin Siger1968University of Southern California (Biology)
Dr. William J. Stekiel1957Medical College of Wisconsin (Physiology)
Dr. Christian Stoeckert1981University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (Anatomy)
Dr. Ben Szaro1982State University of New York at Albany (Biology)
Dr. Ian A. Twombly1996NASA-Ames (Center for Bioinformatics)
Dr. Wei-Kung Wang1973Polytechnic University (Electrical Engineering)
Dr. Keith Ward1974Naval Research Laboratory (Lab. for Structure of Matter)
Dr. D.C. Wartzok1971Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene (Pathobiology)
Dr. Patrick L. Wintrode1997Case Western Reserve University (Physiology & Biophysics)
Dr. M.L. Wolbarsht1958**Duke University (Psychology)
Dr. Xufeng Wu1990National Institutes of Health (Lab. of Cell Biology, NHLBI)
Dr. Peggy Zelenka1971National Institutes of Health (Lab. of Mol. & Developmental Biology, NEI)

Corporate Positions

NameGraduation YearEmployment
Dr. Patrick Ahl1981Liposome Research Co., Princeton, NJ
Dr. John D. Brantley1988Pall Corp., East Hills, NY
Dr. Paula Fitzgerald1977Merck Institute, Rahway, NJ
Dr. Frithjof H. Kuntze1997Summit, Inc., Paris, France
Dr. Erich Phillips1985Failure Analysis Co., Menlo Park, CA
Dr. George Privalov1995Applied Thermodynamics, Baltimore, MD
Dr. John Sack1981Squibb, Princeton, NJ
Dr. Ete Szüts1975MediSense, Inc. / Abbott Labs
Dr. Gregory Stock1977Transaction Technology, Inc., Los Angeles, CA and UCLA Program on Science, Technology and the Origin of Life
Dr. Alexander Waldrop1977Gen-Probe, San Diego, CA
Dr. Steven T. WhittenScientist, Redstorm Corp., Galveston, Texas

Post-Doctoral & Research Associate Positions

NameGraduation YearEmployment
Dr. Christina Bradley2003Lab of Molecular Biology, NIDDK, NIH
Dr. Cuauh Garcia-Garcia2003Univ. of California-Berkeley (Chemistry)
Dr. Joseph Walsh2002University of Kentucky (Chemistry)
Dr. Kelly Lee2001The Scripps Research Institute (Molecular Biology)
Dr. Elizabeth Boskey2000Johns Hopkins University (School of Public Health)
Dr. Jose D’Aquino-Ruiz2000Brandeis University (Biochemistry)
Dr. Stuart Olmsted2000Scientist, RAND Corp.-Pittsburgh
Dr. Marina Kasimova1999University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Chemistry)
Dr. Ronald L. Koder1999Univ of Pennsylvania Medical School (Biochemistry & Biophysics)
Dr. Yiider Tseng1999Johns Hopkins University (Chemical Engineering)
Dr. Carrie K. Vance1999
University of Florida (Pharmacology and Therapeutics)
Dr. Boyoung Cha1998Johns Hopkins University (Gastroenterology)
Dr. Carville G. Bevans1997Yale University (Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry)
Dr. Carla DeMaria1997Technology Licensing, Georgetown University
Dr. John Dwyer1996University of Chicago (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Dr. John T. Finn1996Systems Research Dept., Sandia National Laboratory, Livermore, CA
Dr. Davida Streett1996National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Dr. Tung-Kung Wu1996Stanford University (Chemistry)
Dr. Yihua Yu1996University of Utah (Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
Dr. Jining Bai1995Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (Pathology)
Dr. Phillip Castle1995National Cancer Institute (Div. of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics)
Dr. Jen-Zen Chuang1995Cornell University Medical School (Dyson Vision Research Institute)
Dr. Yuanyi Feng1995Harvard University (Molecular Biology)
Dr. Janet Padgett1995Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
Dr. Annette Boman1993National Institutes of Health (Lab. of Biological Chemistry, NCI)
Dr. Dong Xie1993National Cancer Institute (Structural Biology Program)
Dr. Sumantra Chattarji1992National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India
Dr. Zhican Qu1991Washington University Medical School (Pathology)
Dr. Theodore Mullman1988Temple University (Biochemistry)
Dr. Michael Ottlinger1988Children’s Hospital – Boston (Clinical Chemistry)
Dr. Rufus Burlingame1987Scripps Research Institute (Molecular & Experimental Medicine)
Dr. Roy Tishler1987Harvard University (Joint Center for Radiation Therapy)
Dr. Jai-Hyon Rho1982The Salk Institute (Neural Systems Lab.)
Dr. Marion Usselman1982Georgia Institute of Technology (CEISMC)

* Master’s degree only from Department of Biophysics; doctorate received elsewhere.
** Thesis research in Department of Biophysics; degree granted by another department.