Sua Myong

Sua Myong

168 Mergenthaler Hall
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Research Interests: Quantitative analysis of gene expression in single molecule and single cell

Education: PhD, University of California, Berkeley

The Myong Lab is not taking new PhD students.

Sua Myong is a Professor in the Department of Biophysics. Her research focuses on quantitative analysis of gene expression in single molecule and single cell.

Quantitative analysis of gene expression in single molecule and single cell

Our research is focused on dissecting biological pathways that control and modulate gene expression profiles that are pertinent to human diseases. We develop single molecule and single cell platforms to examine potential rate-limiting steps that contribute to modulating transcription and translation. In particular, we investigate RNA interference pathway and G-quadruplex DNA mediated promoter activity. In collaboration, we are also studying telomeric DNA processing and chromatin remodeling. Together, we seek to shed light on molecular orchestration and mechanism that govern the Central Dogma of Biology.

Our research interests involve developing and applying single molecule and single cell approaches to acquire quantitative understanding of biology and to find ways to improve human medicine. Single molecule platform offers an exquisite capability to detect molecular interactions and dynamics in real time. We devise sequential experimental stations that measures reactions at the molecular, biophysical and cellular levels. Our laboratory consist of scientists trained in molecular biology, physics, physical chemistry, bioengineering and chemical engineering, which is an ideal team setting for carrying out a highly interdisciplinary research.

The current directions of our research include the following. (i) DNA recombination and repair in which we study proteins involved in homologous recombination and trinucleotide repeat processing (collaborate with Patrick Sung and Timothy Lohman; Nat Comms 2013); (ii) Telomere and telomerase processing where we investigate the Shelterin protein components and their interaction with telomerase (collaborate with Patricia Opresko; Structure 2012, Structure 2014, Scientific Reports 2014); (iii) RNA interference mechanism for which we devised stepwise testing platforms to quantitatively analyze RNAi silencing efficiency (collaborate with Jennifer Doudna; PNAS, 2013, NAR 2014) (iv) Ribonucleoprotein assembly and dynamics where we seek to understand the role of RNA helicases in nucleating and forming granules in vitro and in cells (collaborate with Clifford Brangwynne and Christian Eckmann;PNAS, 2015); (v) G quadruplex (GQ) DNA mediated gene regulation where we investigate the role of GQ in altering transcription and translation (NAR 2014; NAR 2015). 

In technical front, we have pioneered a new method for single molecule fluorescence imaging termed PIFE for protein induced fluorescence enhancement (PNAS 2011). This method offers a unique opportunity of performing single molecule experiment without having to fluorescently label the protein under study, thus expanding the capability of the current single molecule imaging. Recently, we established a real-time single molecule assay for detecting telomerase extension activity (Scientific Report, 2015) and GQ conformation probing assay by induced fluorescence of GQ ligands (NAR, 2015) We expect the outcome of our studies to uncover molecular details that govern cellular responses. This can open a new way of drug targeting, provide drug screening platforms and help optimize drug efficiency. In addition, our capability to perform single cell measurements will lead to better understanding about the cell to cell heterogeneity, which poses a challenging problem in research and biomedicine.

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BEFORE 2011                          

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