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 kriegerDepartment of Biophysics
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Thomas C. Jenkins
Department of Biophysics
110 Jenkins Hall
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Dr. Bertrand Garcia-Moreno E.
Department Chair

410-516-7245 phone
410-516-4118 fax

Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate major in biophysics is a great choice for students who enjoy math and physics but are interested in problems related to biology or medicine.  In the first two years, students take foundation courses in math, physics, chemistry and biology.  In the second two years, students take specialized courses in biophysics, physics and biology. They also do at least two semesters of independent research. This curriculum prepares students to succeed in today’s interdisciplinary research and technology environment.

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'Biophysics is one of the more laid back natural science majors in terms of student interaction with each other and with faculty. I never met a biophysics major who wouldn't help me with a homework assignment or a Biophysics professor who was too busy with another student to answer a question, write a letter of recommendation, or just to have a chat.'

Katie Herbst, Graduate 2006 


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