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 kriegerDepartment of Biophysics
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Thomas C. Jenkins
Department of Biophysics
110 Jenkins Hall
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Dr. Bertrand Garcia-Moreno E.
Department Chair

410-516-7245 phone
410-516-4118 fax

Faculty and Research

The primary faculty in the T.C. Jenkins Department of Biophysics have deep expertise in the application of thermodynamics and kinetics, NMR spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography and computational methods to examine the function and structural and physical properties of proteins and nucleic acids.

Primary Faculty


Doug Barrick
216 Jenkins Hall

Stability and folding of modular proteins, structure and sequenceanalysis of protein evolution, protein-protein interactions in signaling pathways    More>

Barrick Group


Greg Bowman
Associate Professor
302 Jenkins Hall

Structural biology of molecular machines involved in nucleosome remodeling    More>

Bowman Group


Richard Cone
320 Jenkins Hall

Mucosal protection by antibodies    More>

Cone Group


Ana Damjanovic
Associate Research Scientist
004 Greenhouse

Computational studies of protein structure, dynamics and function    More>


Karen Fleming
410 Jenkins Hall

Membrane protein folding, thermodynamics of protein-protein interactions in membranes, membrane protein modeling    More>

Fleming Group


Patrick Fleming
Senior Lecturer
105 Jenkins Hall

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics    More>


Bertrand García-Moreno
Professor and Chair
002 Jenkins Hall

Experimental and computational studies of protein electrostatics, structure-based energy calculations, ligand-driven conformational transitions    More>

García-Moreno Group


Taekjip Ha
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
Jenkins Hall

Single Molecule Biophysics  More>


Margaret Johnson
Assistant Professor
Jenkins Hall

Theoretical and computational modeling of protein interactions at the cellular scale  More>

Johnson Group


Juliette Lecomte
Professor and Director of the Program in Molecular Biophysics
116 Jenkins Hall

Structure and dynamics of proteins in solution by NMR spectroscopy    More>

Lecomte Group


Sua Myong
Associate Professor
121A Mergenthaler Hall

Quantitative analysis of gene expression in single molecule and single cell   More>


Elijah Roberts
Assistant Professor
110 Jenkins Hall

Investigating the creation and use of in silico cell models    More>

Roberts Group


George Rose
202 Jenkins Hall

Theoretical approaches to protein and RNA folding    More>

Rose Lab


Sarah Woodson
402 Jenkins Hall

Folding and dynamics of RNA and RNA-protein complexes    More>

Woodson Group

Secondary Appointed Faculty


Ludwig Brand
Professor, Biology, A&S
224 Mudd Hall

Protein-ligand interactions, fluorescence spectroscopy ofmacromolecular complexes    More>


Ernesto Freire
Professor, Biology, A&S
114 Mudd Hall

Structure-based thermodynamics of molecular recognition and function    More>


Vince Hilser
Professor & Chair, Biology, A&S
117A Biology East

Conformational Fluctuations and Intrinsic Disorder in Allosteric Signaling, Disease, and Evolution    More>


P.C. Huang
Joint Appointed
Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, SPH
615 N. Wolfe Street, W8509

Bioinformatics, genomics and proteomics    More>


Evangelos Moudrianakis
Professor, Biology, A&S
35 Mudd Hall

Chromatin structure and function    More>


Peter Privalov
Professor, Biology, A&S
121 Mudd Hall

Thermodynamics of protein folding    More>


Robert Schleif
Professor, Biology, A&S

Mechanism of protein function, particularly regulatory proteins, using genetic, biochemical, biophysical, and computational methods    More>


Craig Townsend
Professor, Chemistry, A&S
252 Remsen Hall

Natural product chemistry, enzymology and molecular biology, fatty acid synthase inhibitors for cancer, tuberculosis and obesity    More>

Beverly Wendland
Professor, Biology & James B. Knapp Dean, A&S
36B Levi Hall

Endocytosis regulates cell physiology and homeostasis by affecting nutrient uptake, signal transduction, and the population of receptors in the plasma membrane    More>


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