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Thomas C. Jenkins
Department of Biophysics
110 Jenkins Hall
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Dr. Bertrand Garcia-Moreno E.
Department Chair

410-516-7245 phone
410-516-4118 fax

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The prominent and respected positions held by our graduates indicate the quality of our training program. The following is a partial listing of those who have obtained doctorates from our program:

Dr. John Abelson, 1965 ~ California Institute of Technology (Chemistry)
Dr. Lloyd Beidler, 1951 ~ Florida State University (Biology)
Dr. Paul Greengard, 1953 ~ Rockefeller University (Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, joint 2000 Nobel Prize winner Physiology or Medicine)
Dr. Wayne Hendrickson, 1968 ~ Columbia University (Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics)
Dr. Thomas J. Kelly, 1968 ~ Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Chair of Molec. Biol. & Genetics)

Dr. Floyd J. Brinley, 1961 ~ Director of Convulsive, Developmental & Neurological Disorders, NINDS, NIH
Dr. Mark Dubin, 1969 ~ Chair of Molecular, Cellular & Dev. Biology, University of Colorado
Dr. William Dobelle, 1967* ~ Founding Fellow of the Dobelle Institute, New York, NY
Dr. P. Horowicz, 1955 (deceased) ~ Chair of Physiology, University of Rochester Medical Center
Dr. Eaton E. Lattman, 1969 ~ Chair of Biophysics, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. George Cloyd Murray, 1968 ~ Director of National Institute of Neurological and Communicative Diseases, NIH
Dr. G. Christian Overton, 1978 (Deceased) ~ Founding Director of the Center for Bioinformatics at the University of  Pennsylvania 
Dr. Judith Sandberg, 1965 ~ Director of Clinical Bacteriology, Laboratory Hospital, Madrid, Spain

Dr. Jay M. Baltz, 1986 ~ University of Ottawa (Loeb Research Institute)
Dr. Robert M. Benolken, 1959 (deceased) ~ University of Texas (Cell Physiology)
Dr. Paul Blank, 1987 ~ National Institutes of Health (Lab. of Theoretical & Physical Biology, NICHD)
Dr. Frederick Blattner, 1968 ~ University of Wisconsin (Genetics)
Dr. Robert Bonner, 1973 ~ National Institutes of Health (NICHHD)
Dr. Floyd J. Brinley, 1961 ~NINDS, NIH (Biophysics)
Dr. Elizabeth R. Boskey, 1999, SUNY Downstate Medical Center (Preventive Medicine and Community Health)
Dr. Marianne Bronner, 1979 ~ California Institute of Technology (Biology)
Dr. David R. Burt, 1973 ~ University of Maryland School of Medicine (Pharmacology)
Dr. Richard Cardullo, 1985 ~ University of California at Riverside (Biology)
Dr. Richard Chappell, 1970 ~ Hunter College, CUNY (Biology)
Dr. Henry L. Chen,* 1968 ~ Towson State University (Physics)
Dr. Michael Cole, 1978 ~ Princeton University (Molecular Biology)
Dr. Kevin Conway, 1981 ~ American University (Biology)
Dr. Carl Creutz, 1976 ~ University of Virginia School of Medicine (Pharmacology)
Dr. Nigel Daw, 1967 ~ Yale University Medical School (Ophthalmology / Neurobiology)
Dr. John Desjarlais, 1993 ~ Pennsylvania State University (Chemistry)
Dr. Peter Devreotes, 1976 ~ Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Biological Chemistry)
Dr. Stephen Easter, 1967 ~ University of Michigan (Biology)
Dr. Charles Edwards, 1953 ~ SUNY-Albany (Biophysics)
Dr. Harold Erickson, 1968 ~ Duke University Medical Center (Cell Biology)
Dr. Gordon Fain, 1973 ~ University of California at Los Angeles Medical Center (Ophthalmology)
Dr. Max Fiskin, 1966 ~ University of Kansas Medical Center School of Medicine (Microbiology)
Dr. Richard Fitzhugh, 1953 ~ NIH (Biophysics)
Dr. Allan Fraser, 1970 ~ Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Dr. Scott Fraser, 1979 ~ California Institute of Technology (Biology)
Dr. Stephen A. George, 1970 ~ Amherst College (Neuroscience)
Dr. William Grizzle, 1975 ~ University of Alabama School of Medicine (Pathology)
Dr. Robert Gross, 1974 ~ Dartmouth College (Biology)
Dr. Martin Grumet, 1980 ~ New York University Medical Center (Pharmacology)
Dr. Soshana Hardt, 1980** ~ State University of New York at Buffalo (Computer Science)
Dr. A. Gayler Harford, 1971 ~ State University of New York at Buffalo (Biology)
Dr. Donald T. Haynie, 1993, Louisiana Tech University (Bioinformatics)
Dr. Thomas J. Herbert, 1971 ~ University of Miami (Biology)
Dr. Jon R. Herriott, 1967 ~ University of Washington (Biochemistry)
Dr. Peter Highton, 1964 ~ University of Edinburgh, Scotland (Molecular Biology)
Dr. Andy Hoffer, 1975 ~ University of Alberta, Canada (Physiology)
Dr. Paul Hurlburt, 1955 ~ Rockefeller University (Biophysics)
Dr. Janice Jones, 1970 ~ Georgetown University (Physiology)
Dr. Zaven Kaprelian, 1988 ~ Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Neuroscience)
Dr. Paul Kienker, 1989 ~ Albert Einstein college of Medicine (Neuroscience)
Dr. Juan I. Korenbrot, 1971 ~ University of California at San Francisco (Physiology & Biochemistry)
Dr. Henry M. Krisch, 1972 ~ University of Geneva, Switzerland (Molecular Biology)
Dr. Michael Kuhar, 1970 ~ National Institutes of Health (Neuroscience Branch, NIDA Addiction Res. Ctr.)
Dr. Andrew Lees, 1984 ~ National Institutes of Health (Lab. of Immunology, NIAID)
Dr. P. Galen Lenhert, 1960 ~ Vanderbilt University (Physics)
Dr. Donal Luse, 1978 ~ University of Cincinnati (Biological Chemistry)
Dr. Karen Magnus, 1980 ~ Case Western Reserve School of Medicine (Biochemistry)
Dr. Richard Marchase, 1977 ~ University of Alabama School of Medicine (Cell Biology)
Dr. William B. Marks, 1963 ~ National Institute of Health (Lab. of Neural Control, NINDS)
Dr. E.F. MacNichol, 1952 ~ Boston University School of Medicine (Physiology)
Dr. Jay Mittenthal, 1970 ~ University of Illinois School of Medicine (Anatomy)
Dr. E.N. Moudrianakis, 1964** ~ Johns Hopkins University (Biology)
Dr. Ralph Nelson, 1972 ~ National Institutes of Health (Lab. of Neurophysiology, NINDS)
Dr. Donald S. O'Hara, 1968  (deceased) ~ Massachusetts General Hospital (Physical Biochemistry)
Dr. Eduardo Padlan, 1968 ~ National Institutes of Health (Lab. of Molecular Biology, NIDDK)
Dr. Lester Partlow, 1969 ~ University of Utah College of Medicine (Pharmacology)
Dr. Herbert M. Phillips, 1969 ~ University of Texas at Arlington (Biology)
Dr. Moo-Ming Poo, 1974** ~ University of CA at San Diego (Biology)
Dr. Ning Qian, 1990 ~ Columbia University (Center for Neurobiology)
Dr. J.P. Raynauld, 1969 ~ University of Montreal (Physiology)
Dr. W.E. Royer Jr., 1984 ~ University of Massachusetts Medical Center (Molecular Medicine)
Dr. Madeline Shea, 1983 ~ University of Iowa College of Medicine (Biochemistry)
Dr. Alvin Siger, 1968 ~ University of Southern California (Biology)
Dr. William J. Stekiel, 1957 ~ Medical College of Wisconsin (Physiology)
Dr. Christian Stoeckert, 1981 ~ University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (Anatomy)
Dr. Ben Szaro, 1982 ~ State University of New York at Albany (Biology)
Dr. Ian A. Twombly, 1996 ~ NASA-Ames (Center for Bioinformatics)
Dr. Wei-Kung Wang, 1973 ~ Polytechnic University (Electrical Engineering)
Dr. Keith Ward, 1974 ~ Naval Research Laboratory (Lab. for Structure of Matter)
Dr. D.C. Wartzok, 1971 ~ Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene (Pathobiology)
Dr. Patrick L. Wintrode, 1997. ~ Case Western Reserve University (Physiology & Biophysics)
Dr. M.L. Wolbarsht, 1958** ~ Duke University (Psychology)
Dr. Xufeng Wu, 1990 ~ National Institutes of Health (Lab. of Cell Biology, NHLBI)
Dr. Peggy Zelenka, 1971 ~ National Institutes of Health (Lab. of Mol. & Developmental Biology, NEI)

Dr. Patrick Ahl, 1981 ~ Liposome Research Co., Princeton, NJ
Dr. John D. Brantley, 1988 ~ Pall Corp., East Hills, NY
Dr. Paula Fitzgerald, 1977 ~ Merck Institute, Rahway, NJ
Dr. Frithjof H. Kuntze, 1997 ~ Summit, Inc., Paris, France
Dr. Erich Phillips, 1985 ~ Failure Analysis Co., Menlo Park, CA
Dr. George Privalov, 1995 ~ Applied Thermodynamics, Baltimore, MD
Dr. John Sack, 1981 ~ Squibb, Princeton, NJ
Dr. Ete Szüts, 1975 ~ MediSense, Inc. / Abbott Labs
Dr. Gregory Stock, 1977 ~ Transaction Technology, Inc., Los Angeles, CA and UCLA Program on Science, Technology and the Origin of Life
Dr. Alexander Waldrop, 1977 Gen-Probe, San Diego, CA
Dr. Steven T. Whitten, Scientist, Redstorm Corp., Galveston, Texas

Dr. Jining Bai, 1995 ~ Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (Pathology)
Dr. Carville G. Bevans, 1997 ~ Yale University (Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry)
Dr. Annette Boman, 1993 ~ National Institutes of Health (Lab. of Biological Chemistry, NCI)
Dr. Elizabeth Boskey 2000 ~ Johns Hopkins University (School of Public Health)
Dr. Christina Bradley, 2003 ~ Lab of Molecular Biology, NIDDK, NIH
Dr. Rufus Burlingame, 1987 ~ Scripps Research Institute (Molecular & Experimental Medicine)
Dr. Phillip Castle, 1995 ~ National Cancer Institute (Div. of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics)
Dr. Boyoung Cha, 1998 ~ Johns Hopkins University (Gastroenterology)
Dr. Sumantra Chattarji, 1992 ~ National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India
Dr. Jen-Zen Chuang, 1995 ~ Cornell University Medical School (Dyson Vision Research Institute)
Dr. Jose D’Aquino-Ruiz, 2000 ~ Brandeis University (Biochemistry)
Dr. Carla DeMaria, 1997 ~ Technology Licensing, Georgetown University
Dr. John Dwyer, 1996 ~ University of Chicago (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Dr. Yuanyi Feng, 1995 ~ Harvard University (Molecular Biology)
Dr. John T. Finn, 1996 ~Systems Research Dept., Sandia National Laboratory, Livermore, CA
Dr. Cuauh Garcia-Garcia. 2003 Univ. of California-Berkeley (Chemistry)
Dr. Marina Kasimova, 1999 ~ University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Chemistry)
Dr. Ronald L. Koder, 1999 ~ Univ of Pennsylvania Medical School (Biochemistry & Biophysics))
Dr. Kelly Lee, 2001 ~ The Scripps Research Institute (Molecular Biology)
Dr. Theodore Mullman, 1988 ~ Temple University (Biochemistry)
Dr. Stuart Olmsted, 2000 ~ Scientist, RAND Corp.-Pittsburgh
Dr. Michael Ottlinger, 1988 ~ Children’s Hospital - Boston (Clinical Chemistry)
Dr. Janet Padgett, 1995 ~ Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
Dr. Zhican Qu, 1991 ~ Washington University Medical School (Pathology)
Dr. Jai-Hyon Rho, 1982 ~ The Salk Institute (Neural Systems Lab.)
Dr. Davida Streett 1996 ~ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Dr. Roy Tishler, 1987 ~ Harvard University (Joint Center for Radiation Therapy)
Dr. Yiider Tseng, 1999 ~ Johns Hopkins University (Chemical Engineering)
Dr. Marion Usselman, 1982 ~ Georgia Institute of Technology (CEISMC)
Dr. Carrie K. Vance, 1999 ~ University of Florida (Pharmacology and Therapeutics)
Dr. Joseph Walsh, 2002. ~ University of Kentucky (Chemistry)
Dr. Tung-Kung Wu, 1996 ~ Stanford University (Chemistry)
Dr. Dong Xie, 1993 National Cancer Institute (Structural Biology Program)
Dr. Yihua Yu, 1996 ~ University of Utah (Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

* Masters degree only from Department of Biophysics: doctorate received elsewhere.
** Thesis research in Department of Biophysics: degree granted by another Department.


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